Scuola Democratica-Learning for Democracy is a place for research, analysis and discussion on education and learning. A salient trait of this journal is its pluralism. It intends to be an arena where a variety of disciplines (such as anthropology, economy, pedagogy, psychology and sociology) interested in the fields of education and training and different theoretical and methodological tendencies can establish a dialogue with each other. The focus is posed on issues which appear to be relevant, within a national or international perspective, for favouring the advent of a more advanced democratic society.

Scuola Democratica deals with three thematic areas – school; university; training, work and informal learning – analysed also in the context of their connections and interactions. It is a peer-reviewed journal addressed to scholars, researchers and experts. And it is also addressed to policy makers, administrators, managers, teachers, educators and trainers which it tries to involve in a common reflexion on their practices. It is supported by an association specifically dedicated to stimulating the public debate on education, which boasts prestigious institutional partners.

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