Issue no. 1 – December 2010


The issue opens with an interview with Alain Touraine on the need for establishing a school for the subject, and includes essays focusing on some different theoretical views of education; social and geographical inequalities in cognitive performance, as measured by Italian PISA scores; recent transformations in the Italian and European university systems; the relationship between employment and education in the knowledge society. The section “Notes and Perspectives” includes, among other things, two debates (one on school, democracy and citizenship; and the other on apprenticeship policies), an interview with the President of CRUI (Conference of Italian university rectors) on the current university reform, and some contributions on the innovations of educational and organizational environments. The issue closes with an unpublished story by Marco Lodoli, included in the section “Stories and Practices of Learning”.


Issue no. 1 – December 2010


Starting from…

A school for the Subject, recognition of cultural diversity, and a society of women

An interview with Alain Touraine

by Luciano Benadusi and Barbara Pentimalli


(Future?) Perspectives on education

by Paolo Landri

Faraway, so close. Educational equity in Italy

by Luciano Benadusi, Rita Fornari, Orazio Giancola

The transformation of the Italian university system

by Roberto Moscati

Employment and education in the knowledge society

by Sebastiano Bagnara and Maurizio Mesenzani



School, democracy and citizenship: education versus schooling?

Edited by Vittorio Campione

Contributions by Alessandro Cavalli, Adolfo Scotto di Luzio, Giuseppe Spadafora, Salvatore Veca

High school reform

by Fiorella Farinelli, Paolo Ferratini, Micaela Ricciardi

Educational environments

by Silvano Tagliagambe

Organizational environments

by Giorgio Rembado


A focus on higher education in Europe 2010. The impact of the Bologna Process

A general overview

by Maria Lezzi


by Letteria Fassari

An interview with Enrico Decleva about the Reform

by Luciano Benadusi and Gioia Pompili

Learning, Education and Employment

Education and training in Italy. Ready to go?

Edited by Stefania Capogna


by Tiziano Treu

Contributions by Claudio Gentili, Giorgio Santini, Michele Tiraboschi, with a comment by Sandra D’Agostino

OECD Annual Report, Learning for jobs 2009

A general overview

by Piero Valentini


by Domenico Sugamiele and Silvia Ciampi


Biesta Gert J. J. (2006), Beyond learning: Democratic education for a human future, Boulder, Co., Paradigm Publishers

by Paolo Landri

Cavalli A., Argentin G. (eds.) (2010), Gli insegnanti italiani: come cambia il modo di fare scuola. Terza indagine dell’Istituto IARD sulle condizioni di vita e di lavoro nella scuola italiana, Bologna, Il Mulino

by Valeria Fabretti

Margarete Durst (2010), La filosofia dell’educazione per la scuola, Milano, FrancoAngeli

by Carlo Cappa

Stenstrom M.L., Tynjala P. (eds.) (2009), Towards Integration of Work and Learning, Heidelberg, Springer

by Anna Maria Ajello

Stories and Practices of Learning

The Lake

by Marco Lodoli

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