Issue no. 2 – June 2011

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The issue opens with an interview with the PISA coordinator Andreas Schleicher, who talks about PISA’s challenge to national educational systems. The essays focus on a variety of themes: advantages and risks of a competence-based approach in school pedagogy; a comparative analysis of the policies for excellence in higher education; new media, participatory cultures and social networks. The debates in “Notes and Perspectives” focus on the disputes over competence at school; the statistics related to the Italian university system with particular regard to the recent “war of numbers”; and the delays in the development of life-long learning in Italy. A new section titled “Practices” includes contributions by experts in the fields of education and training, who describe and analyse some actual experiences and practices. “Reviews” presents, among other things, two studies: one on the relationship between meritocracy and equity in education, the other on the educational policies in the United Kingdom from the 1960s to present. The issue closes with “Stories”, containing narrative contributions on the topics of education and training.


Issue no. 2 – June 2011

Starting from…

Learning by comparing. PISA’s challenge to national educational systems

Interview with Andreas Schleicher


Between knowledge and competence: cooperation or conflict?

by Luisa Ribolzi

A competence-based approach: a threat to school education?

by Michele Pellerey

Excellence in higher education: policies, effects and open issues. A comparative analysis of five European countries

by Massimiliano Vaira

New media, participatory cultures and social networks. Spaces for informal, participatory and creative learning

by Mario Pireddu



Competence at school: a cultural dispute. Contributions by Anna Maria Ajello, Giorgio Israel, Luciano Benadusi, edited by Assunta Viteritti

School and digital technologies

by Roberto Maragliano


The “war of numbers”. Contributions by Andrea Cammelli, Andrea Gavosto and Stefano Molina, Giunio Luzzatto and Stefania Mangano, Marino Regini, edited by Giunio Luzzatto

Learning, Education and Employment

Lifelong learning in Italy. The case of TreeLLLe Journal. Contributions by Aviana Bulgarelli, Cristina Zucchermaglio, Francesco Florenzano, edited by Luca Salmieri and Piero Valentini


The space and time of practice

edited by Paolo Landri

Mission Impossible. The vocational training of educators in an action context

by Cesare Moreno


The relationship between meritocracy and equity in education: Duru-Bellat and Dubet (re)open the debate

by Orazio Giancola

More than 60 years of educational policy in the United Kingdom. The lines of debate

by Mario Dutto

Kaiser D. (2005), Pedagogy and the Practice of Science: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives

by Assunta Viteritti

Grimaldi E. (2010), Discorsi e practiche di governance della scuola. L’esperienza della Provincia di Napoli

by Giovanna Barzanò


Letter from the student at the bottom of the class

by Mila Spicola

ZENO. Dilemmas of conscience in everyday life

Texts by Strarompi & Peter V, drawings by Peter V

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