Issue no. 3 – November 2011

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The issue pays homage to Aldo Visalberghi by republishing an anticipatory  article on the problems of compulsory education and apprenticeship from an equity point of view, which is today a highly topical issue, with a comment by the chief editor of the journal. The first contribution included in the “Essays” section uses the metaphor of school as a battlefield to explore the complex processes associated to social reproduction in education. The second presents an international overview on educational polices following an output-driven approach. The third concentrates on assessment processes in higher education, pointing out the risk of an assessment system having a static impact  on the actual processes. In the last essay, university is considered as the core of the learning virtual networks in the knowledge society. The articles in “Notes and Perspectives” focus on a few issues: a further discussion on testing and competence approach at school; the new forms of governance in higher education; vocational education and training in a national and international perspective. The “Practices and Theories” section takes a closer look at the processes of learning in the contexts of education and employment. “Reviews” proposes a critical reading of a text on comparative education; while others question the current situation of school. The issue closes with “Stories”, containing an unpublished story by Alessandro Dal Lago and a new adventure for Zeno.


Issue no. 3 – November 2011


Introduction: equity and “mixed programs” of work and study

by Luciano Benadusi

The problems of compulsory education: new perspectives

by Aldo Visalberghi


Surviving education: school as a battlefield or a sculpture workshop

by Mara Benadusi

Educational policies and output-driven approach

by Giorgio Allulli

What strategy for the assessment of University?

by Gianfranco Rebora

The University of networks

by Giovanni Ragone, Alessio Ceccherelli and Emiliano Ilardi



Competence, assessment, testing and conflicts at school

Assessment is necessary. Is assessment possible?

by Bruno Losito


by Daniele Checchi

A contribution to the competence debate

by Giorgio Israel

Wearing a helmet in the classroom”. Conflict and conflict management at school

by Fabrizio Battistelli


The challenges of governance


Contributions by Marino Regini, Andrea Stella, edited by Gioia Pompili

A difficult challenge for universities: providing quality education despite budget cuts

by Andrea Stella

University: the reform the never was

by Marino Regini

Learning, Education and Employment

Vocational Education and Training (VET) in Europe

An overview of the European and Italian framework. Contributions by Christian Lettmayr, Hélène Clark and Ján Varchola, Arduino Salatin, Michele Tiraboschi and Aviana Bulgarelli, edited by Luca Salmieri and Piero Valentini

Youth unemployment: are education and vocational training the only way out?

by Christian Lettmayr

The European agenda for excellence in education and vocational training: a contribution to growth and employment

by Hélène Clark and Ján Varchola

Learning in the plural

by Michele Tiraboschi

The reform of the IVET system in Italy: insights and perspectives

by Arduino Salatin


by Aviana Bulgarelli


The boundaries of practice

edited by Paolo Landri

University and socialization. Introducing first-year students to a Sociology degree course

by Marco Serino

Apprenticeship as a “boundary” practice: the case of the Ariosto High School in Ferrara

by Claudia Di Marco

Alternation as a training method. The case of hairdressing

by Pietro Roncalli


Larsen, M.A. (Ed.) (2010), New Thinking in Comparative Education: Honouring Robert Cowen

by Iveta Silova

Colombo, M. (2010), Dispersione scolastica e politiche per il successo formativo

by Luciano Benadusi

Niceforo, O. (2010), Da Berlinguer a Gelmini. La scuola che (non) cambia

by Giorgio Allulli

Mastrocola, P. (2011), Togliamo il disturbo. Saggio sulla libertà di non studiare

by Orazio Giancola


A pair of oversized shoes

by Alessandro Dal Lago

ZENO. Do I have to go to school every day?

Texts by Strarompi & Peter V, drawings by Peter V

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