Issue no. 4 – February 2012

cover n4 sd feb 2012

ISSN 1129-731x  ISBN 978-88 6250-351-8

The fourth issue opens with three interviews with international experts, introduced by Clotilde Pontecorvo, which provide interesting perspectives on learning within and outside the school environment. The “Essays” include contributions focusing on different cultural and geographical settings: an analysis of the school systems in Korea and Singapore, a comparative study of the lifelong learning models in Europe, a critical evaluation of the 3+2 system in terms of reproduction of inequalities. In “Notes and Perspectives”, other contributions focus on competence at school, testing as a standardized measure of students’ skills, and the relationship between education, learning and economic development. Issues discussed range from the processes of differentiation and governance systems in Italian universities to matching vocational education with labour market needs in Italy. Articles included in “Practices and Theories” examine both school and university settings, while the “Reviews” feature many international contributions. Two writer-teachers tell stories of educational precariousness, while Zeno closes the issue with his eclectic stories of socialization and learning.


Issue no. 4 – February 2012



Perspectives on learning within and outside the school environment

by Clotilde Pontecorvo

Interview with Jean Lave

by Piero Valentini and Alessia Pozzi

Interview with Lucy Suchman

by Francesca Alby

Interview with Anne Nelly Perret Clermont

by Anna Maria Ajello


Asian Tigers: an analysis of the school system in South Korea and Singapore

by Mario G. Dutto

Against the expansion of education (and for its redistribution). The case of the 3+2 university reform

by Carlo Barone

Learning by changing: building and inhabiting work practices

by Cristina Zucchermaglio, Giuseppe Scaratti and Lorenza Ferrai

European lifelong learning strategy and diversity of national devices: an interpretation in terms of public policy regimes

by Eric Verdier

The assessment of competence

by Norberto Bottani


School: between competence and accountability


by Orazio Giancola


by Franco De Anna

Standardized measures of students’ skills: overcoming controversy

by Paolo Sestito

Testing, accountability and economic development: how assessment can positively affect the governance of systems

Interview with Eric A. Hanushek

University: Differentiation and governance: what is the priority for the Italian University?


by Gioia Pompili

Out of a labyrinth: excellence and governance in university policies

by Giliberto Capano

In praise of diversity

by Giuseppe Catalano

A University working for the common good

by Fabio Matarazzo

Diversifying educational programs in higher education: to what ends?

by Roberto Moscati

Learning, Education and Employment: a matter of matching?


by Luca Salmieri and Piero Valentini

From labour market needs to competence: a new approach to the analysis of the demand-supply mismatch

by Domenico Mauriello

Learning, education and employment in times of crisis

by Alessandro Ferrucci and Costanza Bettoni

Redesigning organization and employment: providing people with tools to manage these processes by Federico Butera


The University student as a field of research

by Francesco Consoli

Teachers and students at the school for peace. The experience of the summer school of peace education in Valmarecchia

by Fabrizio Battistelli, Francesca Farruggia and Claudia Lamonaca

From spectators to protagonists: student workshops and the “Xké?” project in Turin

by Nicola Vittorio


Dubet, F. (2010), Les sociétés et leur école. Emprise du diplôme et cohésion sociale

by Barbara Pentimalli

Sultana, R.G. (ed.) (2011), Educators of the Mediterranean… Up close and personal… Critical Voices from South Europe and the MENA Region

by Paolo Landri

Regini, M. (2011), European Universities and the Challenge of the Market. A Comparative Analysis

by Gioia Pompili

Melazzini, C. (2011), Insegnare al principe di Danimarca

by Vittorio Campione and Fiorella Farinelli

Cappa, C. (2011), L’educazione nella torre. La formazione dell’individuo nel Rinascimento e gli Essais di Montaigne

by Marc Foglia


Mantova is not washed by the sea

by Giulia Alberico

The roaming teacher

by Alex Corlazzoli

ZENO. Am I good at being good?

by Strarompi & Peter V