Issue no. 5 – June 2012

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ISSN 1129-731X  ISBN 978-88-6250-401-0

This issue opens with an interview with French sociologist François Dubet, who considers school not only as a place for the transmission of knowledge, but also a space for justice and personal development. The “Essays” include contributions ranging from a “constructive” and “collaborative” learning model to the introduction of school vouchers in an Italian region, to the learning gaps in middle school and a comparative analysis of vocational training in Europe. The competence debate continues in “Notes and Perspectives”, focusing in particular on adults and the relationship between knowledge and competence in the teaching of mathematics. This section also includes a debate on the evaluation of research quality and the recent initiatives promoted by the National Agency for the Evaluation of Universities and Research Institutes (ANVUR). Special attention is also dedicated to the relationship between vocational training and transition into the labour market. The new “Overview” section presents the latest forecasts on labour market trends by the Excelsior Information System in its annual report, which focuses on the under-thirties. Contributions included in “Practices and Theories” reflect on some innovation practices in education. The final sections of the issue include reviews of Italian and international publications and the usual chapter dedicated to “Stories”.


Issue no. 5 – June 2012


Beyond knowledge. Justice and personal development at school

Interview with François Dubet

by Luciano Benadusi and Barbara Pentimalli


Constructive, Self-Regulated, Situated and Collaborative (CSSC) Learning as a vehicle for developing adaptive competence

by Erik de Corte

Vocational training in Europe

by Lisa Rustico

Give back to primary school what belongs to primary school: learning gaps in the lower secondary school

by Gianfranco De Simone

Dote scuola”: the introduction of school vouchers in Lombardia

by Tommaso Agasisti, Giuseppe Catalano and Piergiacomo Sibiano


School: Competence in education and life

Competence in adults

by Vittoria Gallina

Knowledge, competence and social change

by Antonietta Censi

Knowledge, competence and the teaching of mathematics

by Gabriele Anzellotti

University: Evaluating research quality and university

The evaluation of research quality and its potentially pernicious effects

by Luciano Benadusi

Evaluating research quality in Italy

by Alberto Baccini

Escape from bureaucracy

by Leonardo Cannavò

Evaluation: from ranking to quality profiles

by Francesca Coin

Evaluating public research institutes in Italy

by Giorgio Sirilli and Alberto Zuliani

Providing quality education: why, for whom, how

by Muzio Gola

Learning, Education and Employment: Education, learning, information asymmetries and transitions into the labour market

Vocational training and apprenticeship: fundamental tools for youth employment

by Domenico Sugamiele

Is there trust in technical and vocational education?

by Costanza Bettoni

Fostering development and investments to support education and careers guidance

by Maurizio Drezzadore


Forecasting labour demand in Italy. The statistics of the Excelsior Information System

Edited by Domenico Mauriello and Luca Salmieri


Identifying, analyzing and describing practices

by Francesco Consoli

Sex education. A new methodology

by Anna Verde

Re-thinking education in terms of action-research

by Sabina Licursi and Giorgio Marcello


Anderson-Levitt, K.M. (ed.) (2011), Anthropologies of Education. A Global Guide to Ethnographic Studies of Learning and Schooling

by Mara Benadusi

Perret J.F., Perret-Clermont A.N. (2011), Apprentice in a Changing Trade

by Anna Maria Ajello

A difficult balance: evaluating research quality between bibliometrics and peer review

by Orazio Giancola

Fiorita N., Viscomi A. (eds.) (2010), Istruzione e libertà religiosa. Le scuole delle organizzazioni di tendenza

by Valeria Fabretti


Let’s not stick our heads in the sand

by Cristina Petit

ZENO. Is it time for a snack?

Texts by Strarompi & Peter V, drawings by Peter V