Issue no. 6 – October 2012

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ISSN 1129-731X  ISBN 978-88-6250-401-0

The issue commences with an interview with Luigi Berlinguer, who talks about his life history and provides an interesting insight into the school as a place for innovation. “Essays” include contributions ranging from the analysis of inequality, following Pierre Bourdieu’s perspectives, to the analysis of a policy against school non-attendance, to a survey on how and whether first-level graduates enter employment in Italy, and a remarkable international contribution on comparative education. “Notes and Perspectives” is entirely dedicated to what we refer to as the “archipelago” of assessment in education, including school, university and vocational training. The “Overview” section presents and discusses the most recent statistics from the Excelsior Information System concerning women’s employment. Contributions included in “Practices and Theories” focus on the processes of internationalization and innovative practices in higher education. The issue closes with reviews of Italian and international books and, as always, “Stories” and Zeno’s narratives.


Issue no. 6 – October 2012


Innovation comes from afar (and goes far away!)

Interview with Luigi Berlinguer

by Luciano Benadusi, Vittorio Campione and Silvia Doria


The reproduction of inequality in education

by Marco Pitzalis

Turning rights into skills: the Province of Bologna engages in the fight against school non-attendance

by Barbara Giullari

Employment patterns of first-level graduates

by Giunio Luzzatto and Stefania Mangano

Heroes, barbarians and foreigners. Notes on comparative education

by Robert Cowen


The archipelago of assessment in education

The American lesson: estimating added value as an indicator of school performance

by Cristiano Corsini

Assessment between control and accountability: an experimental case study in Trento

by Anna Maria Ajello

Measuring the ability to understand

by Pietro Lucisano

Valorizza”: an experimental project to support and reward excellence in teaching

by Attilio Oliva and Annamaria Poggi

The “Valorizza” project: strengths and weaknesses

by Dirk Van Damme

Rewarding excellence in teaching as a way to improve education

by Giorgio Ragazzini

Against assessment

by Fiorella Farinelli

The evaluation of quality research as a social experiment

by Andrea Bonaccorsi

Results and procedure control: how to achieve quality in educational and vocational training

by Giorgio Allulli

Peer Review as an external evaluation procedure for education and vocational training. Definition, practical experiences and instructions for use

by Maria Gutknecht-Gmeiner


The Excelsior survey of women’s employment


New accountability practices in higher education

by Francesco Consoli

Organizing teaching in higher education

by Maria Serena Piretti

Internationalization and innovative practices in higher education

by Emanuela Stefani


Sensoy, Ö. e Stonebanks, C.D. (eds.) (2009), Muslim voices in School. Narratives of Identities and Pluralism

by Piero Vereni

Fabretti, V. (2011), A scuola di pluralismo. Identità e differenze nella sfera pubblica scolastica

by Maddalena Colombo

Lipari, D. (2012), Formatori. Etnografia di un arcipelago professionale

by Piero Valentini

Triventi, M. (2012), Sistemi universitari comparati. Riforme, assetti istituzionali e accessibilità agli studenti

by Gabriele Ballarino


Waiting for Spring

by Giusi Marchetta

Leri’s son

by Giuliano Corà

ZENO. School as the teacher of life

Texts by Strarompi & Peter V, drawings by Peter V