Issue N°1 2013 – January-April 2013

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Scuola Democratica, Issue 7 – henceforth published by Il Mulino – guests an interview with American educationalists Robert Slavin and Nancy Madden, experts and founders of Cooperative Learning. Next come a selected bunch of essays covering various educational topics: Maurizio Lichtner on Vygotsky in educational research; Aureliana Alberici and Paolo Di Rienzo on lifelong learning and formal and informal learning; Gianluca Argentin, Marco Gui and Chiara Tamanini on researches on digital skills; Elena Gremigni re-eancting school teachers casualization in Italy. There follow two contributions from international scholars: Hans-Georg Kotthoff, tracing the development of Comparative Education in Germany; Marie Duru-Bellat, commenting on Cowen’ famous essay – Edging Closer to the Hero, the Barbarian, and the Stranger – published on SD.
‘Where do we stand in reforming school, vocational training and university’ is the key question that experts, academics and professionals such as Vittorio Campione and Antonio Cocozza, Caterina Manco, Mario Fierli, Alberto de Toni and Dario Nicoli try to answer to, also catching a glimpse of forthcoming improvements.
We also publish reflections resulting from a round table organized by SD to discuss the controversial work by Carlo Barone – Contro l’espansione dell’istruzione (e per la sua ridistribuzione). Guido Martinotti, attended that seminar, but he then passed by last Christmas. In honor of his key role in enriching educational studies in Italy, we publish his intervention at that seminar, followed by those of Roberto Moscati, Giunio Luzzatto, Daniele Checchi and Andrea Cammelli.
Miriam Iacomini, Simona Taglia and Rosa Iaquinta illustrate two important case studies, concerning blended e-learning and teachers-parents innovative relations. The Overview is devoted to data describing the demand and the labor supply of graduates. Finally, the last section reviews six topical books on education.
Scuola Democratica, with his new editing format (Il Mulino), aims to improve and progress its leading role in educational context, nationally and internationally. This will increasingly imply a growing numbers of acute authors and discerning readers. We’re confident it will happen.


What is Cooperative Learning today? Interview with Robert Slavin and Nancy Madden,
edited by Giorgio Chiari and Piero Valentini. Introduction by Giorgio Chiari

Vygotsky and The Activity Theory in Educational Research
by Maurizio Lichtner download abstract

Lifelong Learning and University. The Validation of Non-Formal and Informal Learning
by Aureliana Alberici and Paolo Di Rienzo download abstract

Developing Digital Competence in Schools. The Role of Teachers in how their Students use ICT
by Gianluca Argentin, Marco Gui and Chiara Tamanini download abstract

A Precarious Job. Becoming School Teacher in Italy
by Elena Gremigni download abstract

Between Renaissance and Oblivion. Current State and Perspectives of Comparative Education in Germany
by Hans-Georg Kotthoff download abstract

Comparative Education between Depressing Pointlessness and Restricting Instrumentalism?
by Marie Duru-Bellat download abstract

REFORMS:How far have we got?
> in School and Vocational Education and Training

Reflections on School Autonomy
by Vittorio Campione download abstract

School Autonomy, Responsibility and Development. Starting a New Perspective
by Antonio Cocozza download abstract

First Cycle. Between Innovation and Maintenance
by Caterina Manco download abstract

Ideas for a Political Agenda on Upper Secondary School
by Mario Fierli download abstract

Towards the Integration of Sciences
by Alberto F. De Toni download abstract

The VET System in Italy. A not yet Enhanced Resource
by Dario Nicoli download abstract

> Nell’Università
There seems little to be above?
by Guido Martinotti

Too Many University Degree Owners in Italy: An Endless Story
by Roberto Moscati download abstract

The Reform of 3+2 (Bologna Process): Transition Towards New Balance?
by Daniele Checchi download abstract

Graduates: it takes more, unless the country decides not to be innovative
by Giunio Luzzatto download abstract

The Tale of Too Many Graduates
by Andrea Cammelli download abstract

New Spaces for Teaching
by Francesco Consoli download abstract

Inside, outside the School. An experience of open school.
by Miriam Iacomini and Simona Taglia download abstract

Social Network and Community of Practice in the Re-Construction of Knowledge
by Rosa Iaquinta download abstract

Ravitch, D. (2011), The Death and Live of the Great American School System,Basic Books, New York
di Francesco Consoli
Wiborg, S. (2009), Education and Social Integration. Comprehensive Schooling in Europe, Palgrave Macmillan, New York
di Monica E. Mincu
Barone, C. (2012), Le trappole della meritocrazia,Il Mulino, Bologna
di Luciano Benadusi
Rostan, M. (a cura di) (2011), La professione accademica in Italia. Aspetti,problemi e confronti nel contesto europeo,LED,Milano
di Donatella Palomba