The VET System in Italy. A not yet Enhanced Resource

by Dario Nicoli

Abstract: The reality of the education system and the work market are in a period of significant and mutual change. Within this context, in addition to various processes of disarticulation of the society, we found a trend towards separation of the choices on the tracks of the studies compared with the real job opportunities, as if the work could be a foregone conclusion, almost automatic of the school path. The system of vocational education and training (IeFP) helps to reverse this trend, because it gives young people the opportunity to “learn by doing” and become capable of improving on reality through study and work.

Dario Nicoli, Dario Eugenio Nicoli – Professor of Economic and Work’s Sociology at Learning Sciences faculty of Catholic University of Brescia, freelence consultant for institutions’ bodies in the field of training, orientation and organization.