Call for papers Special issue n.3 2015

Sociomateriality of Education

Deadline for abstract submission: November 30th, 2014

Deadline for full submission: March 1st, 2015

Guest Editors
Paolo Landri, Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, CNR-IRPPS, Italy

Assunta Viteritti, Dipartimento di Scienze Sociali e Economiche, Università ‘La Sapienza’ di Roma, Italy

Spaces, technologies, and learning environments are core targets for national and international policies aimed at deeply modifying the ecology of educational practice. In this respect, the necessity of transforming structures dedicated to education, the diffusion of mobile learning technologies, the ever-increasing digitization of the work of teaching, the profound change in the circulation of knowledge as an effect of the change in the ‘book format’ even in educational publishing, the introduction of smart technologies (not only the new learning apps, but also the development of robotics in the field of education) all point towards the need for redesigning objects, technologies and educational spaces.

However, the considerable economic and symbolic investment in new materiality raises new questions: What are the effects of the increasing objectification of educational practice? Are there any relationships between objectification and standardization of educational practices ? What circuits of expertise are backing this objectification? And more in general, what is the role of objects, technologies and spaces in educational practices? How are (new) educational technologies conveyors of subjectification, that is how do they configure, design, and inscribe human presence? What are the political consequences of the increasing implication of objects, technologies and spaces in educational practices? To articulate some answers to these broad questions, this call for papers intends to solicit theoretical and empirical contributions that favour reflection on sociomateriality in education, i.e. that open the ‘black-box, of objects, technologies, and spaces, and that may help in understanding to what extent and how ‘objects, technologies and spaces’ make the difference, in other words how they transform into ‘things’ capable of making educational practice happen.

In recent decades, various theoretical approaches have paid particular attention to sociomateriality in education. Here, it is possible to mention the perspective of the practice-based conception of learning (Higgs, Barnett, Billett, Hutchings, Trede 2012) and the studies on sociomateriality/STS in education (see for example Fenwick, Landri 2014). While different, these approaches seems to be particularly promising in analysing the situated work of education, the flows of experience in the everyday practices of schooling, and the materiality of learning involving all the agencies in educational practice. They may be useful resources both for looking symmetrically at the sociomaterial implications of what happens in and outside school, and, at the same time, opening up new directions of study for rethinking the vocabulary of educational research.

The special issue, therefore, invites proposals that address the abovementioned questions. Further proposals showing an interest in the analysis of the sociomateriality of education will be also taken into account.

Deadline abstract 30 November 2014.

Paper proposals in Italian or in English (max 1000 words) should be sent to, and to the guest editors. The acceptance will be notified by 20 December 2014.

Deadline Paper 1 March 2015.

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